A Fine Homecoming at 1st June 2012

My Campus, today

Teaching. Who? Who’s teaching? Me. What? Me teaching? How come? What do I teach? Can I teach? Well, you had your session today, dude! Really? 😮

OK, it was me talking to myself. That was an expression of me, who had invited by my used to be college mate, whom now becoming a lecture, at a place that used to be my school, my college. The place that I owed big, really big, regarding what I had accomplished and had so far. Yes, so far. It will keep on going, and going, and going. Just like Enegizer bunny 🙂 The name of the place is Universitas Brawijaya Malang. Fakultas Ekonomi, then, now Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis.

I wrote about Malang and it’s famous Bakso Malang the other day. Now I’m gonna write about my college.  Kampus saya, dan hari ini saya kembali ke kampus saya. Sebagai alumni, untuk berbagi.

Ilmu internet marketing, sebagai bagian dari suatu marketing communication (corporate) yang baru saja saya dalami, saya share hari ini di depan mahasiswa, adik-adik kelas saya. Yang bedanya gak tanggung-tanggung. Beda 11 tahun ajah! A learner share to learner, as a part of never ending learning. Suatu bentuk dari alumni berbagi, giving back something to their community. Lecturing, sharing about internet marketing.

Kuliah Tamu FEB-UB

Poin-poin yang saya share dalam kuliah tamu ini :

1. Tips untuk hadir di digital media, as a person, as a brand, maybe someday as a corporate. Start up, development, and advance stage of existing at social media.

2. Perkembangan social media di Indonesia yang sangat luar biasa, dimana setiap orang yang punya akses internet (via handphone-smartphone,dsb) ingin ambil bagian di dalamnya. Everyone just got MAD about social media.

3. Content, as soul of the on line activity, is king!

Sometimes the cost of being exist in digital media, is not as affordable or as cheap as we we thought. Bu it can be free, if you want. But make sure, if you want to jump in seriously,  you know how to play.

Social media is actually a place for having fun, really. It’s social. So there’s a  real connection between human being. Talking. Beside video sharing, photo sharing, audio sharing through technology.

So, bottom line, it’s a one hell of a homecoming. Coming to the college that I used to study, reunited with some good old friends that now become lecturers. And not to forget mentioning all lecturers who used to teach me good. I thank them much. I met them today, and it was all fun.

The last part of the collegecoming was even more interesting. I invite them to create a marketing communication plan for a low fat ice cream brand, and they will present the ideas at the ice cream factory. Then the journey isn’t over. There’s a journey after this. A long term goal is set, hopefuly.

Looking forward to another gigs 🙂

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