Leadership in My Leader…

What is leadership?

I sometimes asked myself this question. What’s that? And I sometimes define what’s leadership through what managers or supervisors around me, or anyone whom has subordinates treat their subordinates. How they treat their team. How they give them commands, orders, instructions, guidances. It’s what’s leader do. Giving orders.

What’s leader?

In my opinion, if someone called leader it surpasses his/her title. Whether he/she is only a coordinators, junior managers, middle managers, top managers, or a CEO. It means that he/she is acknowledged as someone that other person trust.

Now you see my value of leadership? It’s trust. Followed because he/she is trustworthy.

Everybody grew up looking up to somebody, as their role model. Someone I want to grew up like.

When I grew up, I want to be like Michael Jordan! Or Larry Johnson! Or Charles Barkley!

I used to said that when I was a teenager. I want to play basket ball all day long, famous, rich. Imagine that all you ever do all day long everyday through years is just playing basketball and you get paid for that. You get paid for making points, blocked some shots, do some rebounds, make a sweet pass so you’ll let your team mate scores easily. You get paid for dribbling, pass, and shoot the ball around….

Said, If I grew up with skills and body like Michael Jordan, or Charles Barkley, or Larry Johnson. If…

But what if…

You grew up with average basket ball skill. With average height?

What if someday, when you grow up, you realize that being a basket ball player is not really…. you! Yes, it didn’t suit you, Β at all. So you must walk on, find another dreams to make it come true.

And find another role model! Someone you want to grow up like.

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Ngopi @detikinet 28 Juni 2013. Mengenal Buzzers Lebih Dalam

Ini event pertama NGOPI saya, event talk show yang dipakai oleh para blogger, buzzers, dan penggiat dunia digital lainnya untuk saling bertemu (atau biasa disebut kopdar-kopi darat), saling bertukar dan berbagi ilmu tentang dunia digital yang digeluti. Nah, detik.com atau @detikinet atau bagaimanapun mereka disebut sudah demikian berbaik hati mengundang saya, enthusiast di digital marketing ini ke dalam event talk show ‘Lika Liku Buzzers’ ini. Yes, it’s my first time πŸ™‚

And usually, when you’re impressed with a good first impression, it will all goes along well πŸ™‚ I’m impressed, since the crew were preparing the event so well, eventhough it’s only live on web. Thumbs up. And thumbs up goes to the venue. Anomali Coffee-Urban Kitchen Plaza Indonesia 5th floor.

Talk show diadakan di warung kopi, well demikian saya menyebut Starbucks atau tempat lain yang menyediakan kopi-sebagaimana saya juga menyebut resto macam McDonald’s atau KFC sebagai warung-simply because they served rice :D.

Well anyway, Anomali Coffee di Plaza Indonesia ini menyajikan atmosfer gudang kopi dengan dinding semi finished. Pengunjung akan merasakan experience beda di warung kopi lokal ini, merasakan kalau kopi yang mereka minum langsung diambil dari gudang kopi, di–grind dan diseduh langsung di tempat. And honestly, kopi asli Indonesia (Jawa, Toraja, Papua, Aceh, dsb) termasuk kopi yang strong. My favorite!

Anomali Coffee – Plaza Indonesia

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