Fight with Heart and Brain (Mind)

“When you fight with your heart and brain, everybody will win. But when you fight only with your ego, then you’ll loose somehow”

That is my qoute of the day..

I just don’t know how that quote poped-up and just wandering around my mind through out this morning. The thing is, it’s just like an inspiration. It’s just there. I did not call it. It’s just come up from my unconcious mind.

It kinda relevant with what I had today.

All my life, I was tought not to showing off egos, especialy when I had a nice or positive conversation with someone. I prefer to be open minded, stick to the plan, or what’s right for me. Never about me having my ego shown.

I know. It’s sound cheesy, or you might say it’s lack of guts.

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Cerita Field Marketing (part.4)

Persuading stage, taken at Yogya Bogor Junction

Pemikiran pagi ini (Senin, 6 Februari 2012) berkutat dengan Field MarketingΒ dan juga Shopper Marketing. Just how to connect two of them, use them as a tools. Sebuah alat untuk membantu kita menentukan bagaimana keputusan pembelian seorang konsumen dibuat di toko. Antara lain dengan :

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