It’s Not Creative If It Doesn’t Sell. Leads, Convertion, and Customers.

Be Creative

Just like learning about Trade Marketing a while ago, my basic point of thinking is ‘it’s not creative if it doesn’t sell’

Well, you can talk anything about being creative. ย But I tell you, when it comes to the questions : “Does it sell?” “Does that thing that you do have any impact to sales? Or is it just a fancy artsy stuff on branding and marketing stuffs?”

Try to answer the question…

Well, you might say that sales and marketing are going to ‘more or less’ two different directions. The first one goes into moving stocks from warehouses to stores-outlets, or straight to end consumers (if you’re at FMCG business) which from time to time, always demanding to grow bigger and bigger in size or amount. Fulfilling demands, they said ๐Ÿ™‚

While the second one goes into creating demand. Upsizing the demand’s size. Better in brand awareness, mindshare, and also heartshare.ย 

And there comes trade marketing ideas…

To put the trade into the market, which it’s actions lead to a better awareness, higher sales achievement, bigger growth, better brand and product presence (wider display), and not forgetting to ensure it’s availability at selected markets through several trade promotions, consumer promotion, in store promotions, and other promotions which not only create awareness, but also be able to convert it into purchasing action.

Being sales person, marketing person, and also trade marketing person is all required to be creative. Especially those whose role ย at mid-between position, between sales and marketing.

Creative in creating leads, then interests. Then further converting these customer’s ย interests ย into buying-purchasing action. And now, ย it’s a creativeness that sells! Then when it happened, nearly no one will ask about how your (i.e) in store promotion goes? Is it executed at the right stores with the right shoppers profile? And so on. Why, because they already have a full tummy ๐Ÿ™‚

They, sales managers, found out that what you did drives good sales, or even spike sales in one certain moment. They’ve got what they need, their basic need.

And now, let’s put this trade marketing offline understanding about leads-convert-customers into online ๐Ÿ™‚

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Pemimpin yang jago adalah…

“The best leaders is when people do not notice his attendance” – Lao Tsu

Lights up others
Leaders show the way to others…

Tiap kali baca quote jenius seperti diatas, pasti jadi pengen ngisi blog ini lagi (which I think it’s just positive) ๐Ÿ˜€ Because those words just inspire me, like a lot! Beberapa interpretasi yang muncul antara lain :

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