Great Values from Handry Satriago – CEO General Electric

Siapa tak kenal General Electric?

Salah satu perusahaan terbesar versi Majalah Fortune yang didirikan oleh Thomas Alva Edison, sang penemu bohlam ini punya sosok yang luar biasa yang menjadi salah satu dari CEO-nya di Indonesia. Ya, perusahaan multi nasional ini dipimpin oleh Pak Handry Satriago, atau lebih dikenal dengan twitter handle @handryGE dengan sharing-sharingnya tentang leadership, proses belajar, dan lain sebagainya. Koneksi GE dan Indonesia dijembatani oleh bapak yang satu ini, yang lahir di Riau, Pekanbaru 13 Juni 1969.

Menurut saya, Pak Handry ini sosok yang luar biasa. And It admit that. Bukan saja ia bisa dan mampu menjadi seorang CEO di umur yang relatif muda (41 tahun) dengan kondisi (maaf) diatas kursi roda, namun pemikiran-pemikirannya sangat inspiratif buat saya. Orang yang hebat, namun masih tetap humble. Yes, he’s one of my rock star now! I’m his huge fan…

Handry Satriago_1

Dan saat saya nonton acara 1 Indonesia dari NET.TV beberapa waktu yang lalu membawa saya lebih mengenal beliau, yang selama ini hanya sama temui di timeline twitter saya lewat kultwit-nya, yang kini sebagian sudah dijadikan buku agak tebal dengan sampul warna biru, dengan tajuk : #sharing

Handry Satriago_3

I’d say that this talkshow is quite perfect. Marissa Anita is actually perfecting it. So here’s some values I’ve had from this inspiring conversation  (Oh, and this is the youtube video link, provided by NET.TV #Net_HANDRY : ) :

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August and A Brand New Hope.

Not to stop questioning…

“Bye July, hello August!”

“Dear August, please be nice…”

That’s what I’ve red in some of my friends’ social media accounts. Whether it is from path, instagram, twitter, facebook, google+ and any other social media. The point is, the ask August to be nicer to them. They ask for a sweeter and more kind August. Well, this early of August went so nice. At least for me.


How so?

Here’s the thing. I was invited, asked to be precise, to be one of FISIP ( Faculty of Social and Political Science) Universitas Indonesia – Communication Major lecturer. Well, not yet to be permanent by the way. I was asked to be their temporary lecturer for just 1 semester only. Another intriguing 6 months ahead. It will all start at September 2014 until February 2015. Start quite the same as my master degree class. I’m now at the 3rd semester of my master degree. In Business and Economics. Hopefully, I will be graduated at September 2015. 2 years of college.

And it all start from a facebook message that told me this :

“Hi Harwindra, my name is Titut. I’m working at S1 Komunikasi – UI. And I would like to ask you to be our lecturer, in Digital Marketing for one semester. You’ll be teaching regular S1 students. Would you do that ?” (Ms. Titut is a nick name of Head of Communication Program, Ms. Clara Endah Triastuti)

And I instantly said : “Yes, with pleasure!”


Now, being a lecturer is a kind of my hidden log time dream.

Felt like I’ve been given talent and everything but still got no room or space to use it. And now here’s my chance. Here’s my opportunity. To make it all come true. One step at the time! I can not hide it. I can  not hide my joy and happiness. Surely. I used to say that during my senior year, I will be retiring at the age of 45. Meaning, I will no longer working 8 to 5 just like what I did until today. Joining the rush every morning just to get to the office right on time. Back to the road again at the end of the day. Every single day, Monday to Friday (and sometimes Saturday).

See, everyday I’m not just stock-piling (saving) money and other materials, but more important things are I also stock-piling, collecting experience, new people/networks, skills, expertise, knowledge, and stuffs. And try to stay healthy everyday (although it’s hard being healthy – eat clean train dirty).

Being a regular lecturer  is a new experience for me. But if it is just lecturing, or being guest lecturer, I’ve done that before. You can follow my story here.  Oh, surely it’s gonna be so much exciting!

Just wait for my next story, about this 🙂