So, Why Not?

Why not?

Why Not? :)
Why Not? πŸ™‚


That is the question that I always asked to my self whenever I heard someone called “why bother [something]” or “I think it’s ok if we only do this, without no extra thing. Why should we do anymore of that?”

See…Β The question that being asked by those (likely) afraid to come out of their shell, afraid to jump out from their well being, afraid to loose their comfort of current situation, afraid of steping out of their comfort zone.

Or just feel like there’s no point of doing such thing.Β Simple as that.

But, the attitude of always seeing things differently in logical, sometimes make someone can do more than it used to be, usually. Start with this question : “Why not?” But never instantly do, think first, before doing. Be pro active. Find the reason in not doing the given option.

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