What Now? A Writing about Career Development

It’s been a while since my last update, June 1st 2012…


Yeap, time flies. And it does fly when you’re happy. Now it’s July 12th 2012. Since first of June, I was asked (by my self) a question that always self asked whenever I reached certain milestone. In career, love life, or whatever it is. “WHAT NOW?” is that question.

Well, let’s have a look at me for example…

I’m married. Had a wonderful career. Had a success measure and definition of my own. And having a big dream. I was created and crafted this way,uniquely. Thankfuly, I admitted that by my own measurement and definition. I’m quite successful.

Being always thankful whenever I looked down to see those who were less fortunate then me. But in the same time, got envious at someone that so good, superb in his career and achievement. Reaching the top at young age, wealthy, famous, inspired a lot of people. Role model. They are : Mr. Billy Boen, Mr. Alexander Sriwidjono, and Mr. Rene Soehardono. They are my role models. For sure.

Can I be like them? I really hope I can. I’ve said once on my twitter account and got retweeted several times, “Enjoy your job, your work, your life. Take it bit by bit, no need to rush. Dream big, make it come true. Believe!” Quite powerful for me. As path to top was actually never easy. Takes good character and attitude to become a man with integrity, skill, talent, smart-hard work, and sacrifices. But no need to rush, enjoy your journey. Because when you look back, you’ll see your good foot print somehow. Record of your journey, that someday you can shared to others. As small enlightment, a little bit of inspiration.


Satisfied with your current well being? No. Not yet.

“WHAT NOW, Yoga?”

In speaking of career, question of ‘what now’ is a must be asked question to ourself. Is it enough? Or is it too much? Or is it just not enough? A ‘want to go more and further’ sign may appear. Blinking. As a sign that there’s a lot bigger work to do. Proving at the first place that you are worth earning the new position. The higher your position, the higher the attention. Towards you, me. Us.

For me, that question is answered by : “What will I be in 2 years ahead?” Short one. Longer and bigger one would be : “What will I be in 5 years ahead?” And maybe you should ask yourself that question, too… Because for me, never quiting in career development will drive you away from what so called comfort zone. Keep on moving, active, pro active, challenge your self with jobs and tasks which always make you looks good. Stay foolish, stay hungry… Steve Jobs used to say.

Make a self target within 2 years ahead, know your purpose first. After goal is set, then every day and  every minute in your two years will leads to your real action. This is ‘know the why, and how will follow’ A quote that repetitively said by Rene Suhardono.


Being clueless is alright, because perhaps that cluelessness will drive your positive curiousity into new knowledge and experiences. You will meet new people, share ideas and thoughts, make friends, networking, expanding horizon. Never ashamed to ask something that you don’t know, even asking the most foolish question you’ll ever thought.

Come up with lots of ideas. Be creative. Even being creative is hard, but you must try to become one. Some little creative tips :

·         If you’ve figured out an answer to a question or a problem that you think it’s linear, find another answer or solution (linear means, most of other people will think that way)

·         Think outside the box. Reverse your way of thinking, do it out of boundaries

·         In your everyday life, try something simple but unusual. Like if you usually wear your watch at your right wrist, try to wear it at your left wrist. At    first, it must be uncomfortable J

·         Mingle with creative people. Most of them usualy have a different way of thinking

Last one would be focus. Focusing all your attention into small actions every day. Celebrate every small wins, then continue to go onward tommorow. Never ever stop. Keep on going.


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