Character, as the essential thing…


“The essential thing is not knowledge, but character” (Joseph Le Conte)

Calm, keep calm when something bad comin’ up.

Well, refers to Chris Tuckers’ said as agent Carter on Rush Hour 2 (along with Jacky “Inspector Lin” Chan), “You know what’s the different between black people and white people? When sh*t happens, black people stay cool” 😀  Well, I just thought that it’s not what agent Carter said there at the movies, but that’s more like it. A hilarious movie…

Freedom, being free…

Independent, stand on your feet. Inspire others…

I just like being independent, being trusted. Responsible for anything I planned or done, as the one that trusted. Free to have a freed mind, that flows like water. Grown up, from a playful boy to a mature person. Had a strong character, that sometimes refers to what so called reputation or self image. The way I was seen by others, as a certain somebody. Path created, or made to walk through along these years has made me a man with character. Something that I knew  more important than my knowledge, my degree, or even years of my experience. It was built within, given. Is it a great, good, or perhaps a bad one.

The thing is, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes centuries for it to built.

The thing is, a ship wasn’t made to just sit at the port.

It was meant to cruise the ocean. Face what so called  storms, giant waves, bad weather, but also calm sea.

And so does character. It was built that way. It’s not like sitting inside waiting for the rain to stop, but learn to dance in it. Test your self through life, at your portion. Don’t over confidence. Don’t over promise. But do over deliver.

Don’t do something that make you had trouble sleeping at night, walk the talk. Be a man of value. Integrity.

I had years in building my career through my character. But I do realize that it only takes second to ruin. Ruining years of hard works I’ve done. Little by little, bit by bit. That I never rush, because I know how and what I am. I’m not a superb one, who could be on top at very young age. Knows much, inspire much.

Well, at least that’s what I knew and what I’ve learned about character…

At this stage of life, I definitely need things that can support my daily activities as well as able to personify me, strengthen my character that briefly can be said as ‘calm and independent’. Including notebook. Why? Because it’s me. It’s simply me.

Among other colors that represent characters, black-gold, black-red, pink, silver-blue, I choose white-blue Sony VAIO E 14P. Since it’s  white-blue color that symbolyzes calmness with independency on it. Simply love it.

I just imagine myself using it, it’s whiteness and slight of blue will definitely stand out. And with it’s third generation of Intel Core i7 with AMD Radeon HD7670M GPU discrit (VRAM 1GB), powerful enough to support daily activities. Performance.

And while open it, with it’s whiteness, it’s simply a to be seen notebook. When you open it, lights it up, blue color on it’s keyboard and it’s body turns on. Enlighten the white. Stand out. Sophisticated. Beauty.

Imagine when you open it up, others will stare at you, or at least put see you and your notebook at a glance. Wants to have it, put their fingers on it. Feel the softness touch of it’s keyboards. Envious.

See? How a notebok simply can light someone up. Because it’s Sony VAIO E14P. Because it’s me.

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