Shareworthy, Millennials’ New Currency

Just found a very interesting article, which I can relate that into #shoppermarketing or #trademarketing kind of understanding. It’s about millennials, or individuals who were born between 1980-2000, and this group recently surpassed Boomers as the largest and likely most-influential generation in America. Well, America it is. But I’m pretty sure that it goes all the way to Indonesia as well. A generation that ‘married’ to their smart phones, that loves to eat healthier, and 70% are willing to pay more for quality. I was born in 1980, so I’m one of those millennials 🙂




Let’s dive!

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Football Club, Fans-Supporters, and Brand Engagement (part two)

Well actually it should have been titled : ‘brands and football’ because I’ve mentioned some of well known brands in football industry. Part one was posted more than 2 years ago, at January 13, 2012. The first part was telling you about how fanaticism in football that can drive football fans (or should I call consumers) to purchase and own items related to their hobby, playing football or futsal (an indoor football games played on flat floored pitch or synthetic grass pitch in somewhat net cage preventing ball not to went out), which so very popular here in Indonesia.

I’m an Indonesian. As an addition to my identity, I’m a big Liverpool FC  fan.

Me in LFC home 2006/2008 long sleeve shirt
Me in LFC home 2006/2007 long sleeve shirt (UEFA Champions League Final 2007 edition)

A fan. Fanatic. Somehow different with what so called football supporters. They support football clubs. More than one. While (in my own terms and understanding), a football fan only support fanatically one club. Like me, only supporting Liverpool FC. Other than this club’s jersey, I won’t wear any. So, you won’t find me wearing blue Chelsea shirt, or yellow-black Dortmund’s jersey, or a nasty red MUFC shirt. Ever. It’s just Liverpool FC jerseys.

So what’s with the brand engagement?

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August and A Brand New Hope.

Not to stop questioning…

“Bye July, hello August!”

“Dear August, please be nice…”

That’s what I’ve red in some of my friends’ social media accounts. Whether it is from path, instagram, twitter, facebook, google+ and any other social media. The point is, the ask August to be nicer to them. They ask for a sweeter and more kind August. Well, this early of August went so nice. At least for me.


How so?

Here’s the thing. I was invited, asked to be precise, to be one of FISIP ( Faculty of Social and Political Science) Universitas Indonesia – Communication Major lecturer. Well, not yet to be permanent by the way. I was asked to be their temporary lecturer for just 1 semester only. Another intriguing 6 months ahead. It will all start at September 2014 until February 2015. Start quite the same as my master degree class. I’m now at the 3rd semester of my master degree. In Business and Economics. Hopefully, I will be graduated at September 2015. 2 years of college.

And it all start from a facebook message that told me this :

“Hi Harwindra, my name is Titut. I’m working at S1 Komunikasi – UI. And I would like to ask you to be our lecturer, in Digital Marketing for one semester. You’ll be teaching regular S1 students. Would you do that ?” (Ms. Titut is a nick name of Head of Communication Program, Ms. Clara Endah Triastuti)

And I instantly said : “Yes, with pleasure!”


Now, being a lecturer is a kind of my hidden log time dream.

Felt like I’ve been given talent and everything but still got no room or space to use it. And now here’s my chance. Here’s my opportunity. To make it all come true. One step at the time! I can not hide it. I can  not hide my joy and happiness. Surely. I used to say that during my senior year, I will be retiring at the age of 45. Meaning, I will no longer working 8 to 5 just like what I did until today. Joining the rush every morning just to get to the office right on time. Back to the road again at the end of the day. Every single day, Monday to Friday (and sometimes Saturday).

See, everyday I’m not just stock-piling (saving) money and other materials, but more important things are I also stock-piling, collecting experience, new people/networks, skills, expertise, knowledge, and stuffs. And try to stay healthy everyday (although it’s hard being healthy – eat clean train dirty).

Being a regular lecturer  is a new experience for me. But if it is just lecturing, or being guest lecturer, I’ve done that before. You can follow my story here.  Oh, surely it’s gonna be so much exciting!

Just wait for my next story, about this 🙂






Marketing and Branding. One Simple Explanation…

Marketing vs Branding
Marketing vs Branding

The other day, I red this article. A simple explanation about branding and marketing. How to differ it, in a very easy way. Below is the link to the article :

So, please allow me to repost it, the purpose is to have a clearer personal insight about what’s branding and marketing is all about, since I’m a forever learner, which actually this, marketing and branding and whole stuffs related to it, become one of my interests 🙂

What I’ve noticed from my years of experience in online marketing is that you probably think branding involves the following:

 Logos, color schemes, and website design – What should my logo be? What colors represent my business best? How do I go about with my web design?
● Brand mentions, links, and social popularity – I have to be as visible online as possible, because this promotes brand recall
● SERPs visibility, ad campaigns, and other promotional efforts

If you answered any of the above, then you’re looking at branding the wrong way. The items I mentioned are all marketing tools and strategies, and they only scratch the surface of branding.

Marketing is the set of processes and tools promoting your business. This includes SEO, social media, PPC, local search, mobile, and traditional promotional methods and tools. Branding, on the other hand, is the culture itself, the message that permeates and rules all the process of your business.

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Presentasi REBI – Rekor Bisinis 4 April 2014

It’s a corporate event, posted as personal event, since this is a kind of achievement for me 😀

Jadi gini..

Website e-commerce company, a local ice cream company, akan diajukan sebagai salah satu rekor bisnis, dengan klaim “toko es krim online pertama dan satu-satunya di Indonesia”, salah satu mile stone buat company dan saya sendiri sebagai salah satu yang membidani lahirnya website yang merupakan portal e-commerce pertama untuk perusahaan ini.

Ini semua dimulai dengan didaftarkannya klaim ini ke Panitia REBI (Rekor Bisnis), dimana website-nya bisa dilihat disini. Klaim website e-commerce korporat sebagai toko es krim online pertama dan satu-satunya tersebut bisa diterima dengan baik, melewati tahapan seleksi berkas (seperti hanya seleksi berkas saat mengirimkan lamarkan pekerjaan dulu), dan diundang untuk sidang pembuktian REBI, di Ritz Carlton Hotel, 4 April 2014.

So, here’s the story of the day :

Harwindra Yoga di Sidang REBI
Harwindra Yoga P di Sidang REBI

Di hari itu, saya dan top management level dari perusahaan melangkah mantap ke dalam ruangan sidang yang dihadiri oleh (yang saya percayai) sebagai orang-orang yang ahli di bidangnya, bidang pemasaran, baik konvensional maupun digital. Saya, yang presentasi hari itu, mewakili generasi milenial, berhadapan dengan para panelis dan juri yang kebanyakan dari generasi baby boomers, dimana hanya 1 orang (menurut saya) yang paham tentang digital marketing dan e-commerce ini, yaitu Pak Handi Irawan, salah satu true believer in digital marketing. Kebanyakan ilmu saya, saya dapatkan dari training-training beliau, yang saya dapatkan tentunya dari perusahaan yang invest budget-nya ke training-trainingyang  relevan dengan bidang saya, yang pernah saya ikuti.

Hari itu berjalan cukup lancar, presentasi cukup sengit dengan debat-debat dan argumentasi yang baik. Ada juga argumen-argumen yang berputar-putar disitu-situ saja, tentang pemasaran yang konvensional, yang tentunya dilemparkan oleh mereka yang berasal dari generasi baby boomers tersebut, para profesor dan doktor 🙂

Sesi presentasi berjalan cukup baik dan seru, dan tidak selesai, butuh waktu yang lebih lama dari 30 menit. Bel berdenting diiringi suara “Aahhhhhhh….” dari mereka yang antusias dengan sesi tanya jawab tentang website ini.

Next to find out is off course the result of our claim, our e-commerce website as ” the first and the only online ice cream store in Indonesia” and then, the award and the inauguration 🙂






So, Why Not?

Why not?

Why Not? :)
Why Not? 🙂


That is the question that I always asked to my self whenever I heard someone called “why bother [something]” or “I think it’s ok if we only do this, without no extra thing. Why should we do anymore of that?”

See… The question that being asked by those (likely) afraid to come out of their shell, afraid to jump out from their well being, afraid to loose their comfort of current situation, afraid of steping out of their comfort zone.

Or just feel like there’s no point of doing such thing. Simple as that.

But, the attitude of always seeing things differently in logical, sometimes make someone can do more than it used to be, usually. Start with this question : “Why not?” But never instantly do, think first, before doing. Be pro active. Find the reason in not doing the given option.

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Leadership in My Leader…

What is leadership?

I sometimes asked myself this question. What’s that? And I sometimes define what’s leadership through what managers or supervisors around me, or anyone whom has subordinates treat their subordinates. How they treat their team. How they give them commands, orders, instructions, guidances. It’s what’s leader do. Giving orders.

What’s leader?

In my opinion, if someone called leader it surpasses his/her title. Whether he/she is only a coordinators, junior managers, middle managers, top managers, or a CEO. It means that he/she is acknowledged as someone that other person trust.

Now you see my value of leadership? It’s trust. Followed because he/she is trustworthy.

Everybody grew up looking up to somebody, as their role model. Someone I want to grew up like.

When I grew up, I want to be like Michael Jordan! Or Larry Johnson! Or Charles Barkley!

I used to said that when I was a teenager. I want to play basket ball all day long, famous, rich. Imagine that all you ever do all day long everyday through years is just playing basketball and you get paid for that. You get paid for making points, blocked some shots, do some rebounds, make a sweet pass so you’ll let your team mate scores easily. You get paid for dribbling, pass, and shoot the ball around….

Said, If I grew up with skills and body like Michael Jordan, or Charles Barkley, or Larry Johnson. If…

But what if…

You grew up with average basket ball skill. With average height?

What if someday, when you grow up, you realize that being a basket ball player is not really…. you! Yes, it didn’t suit you,  at all. So you must walk on, find another dreams to make it come true.

And find another role model! Someone you want to grow up like.

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