Fight with Heart and Brain (Mind)

“When you fight with your heart and brain, everybody will win. But when you fight only with your ego, then you’ll loose somehow”

That is my qoute of the day..

I just don’t know how that quote poped-up and just wandering around my mind through out this morning. The thing is, it’s just like an inspiration. It’s just there. I did not call it. It’s just come up from my unconcious mind.

It kinda relevant with what I had today.

All my life, I was tought not to showing off egos, especialy when I had a nice or positive conversation with someone. I prefer to be open minded, stick to the plan, or what’s right for me. Never about me having my ego shown.

I know. It’s sound cheesy, or you might say it’s lack of guts.

Well, it’s not about guts after all. But the fact is, when you’re a leader or head of something, it’s clearly that you must have and show an ego. Your ego. Sometimes. Just to show the world your existence. That you’re there. Exist. Powerful, not to mention how powerful you are. It returns to what so called character.

But the funny part is, people or leader with less skill, knowledge, understanding, and not so easy in adopting or receiving fresh ideas tends to be arrogant. Why? It’s because of their insecurity. Worried to be seen as less intelligent person or leader. Usually, these kind of persons or leaders are those whom already senior at their job, keep their feet warm at their own comfort zone, so do whatever it takes to preserve his/her existence. And I think it’s endangering the whole company, division, or department.

But that’s my believe. How I handle things. Whenever there’s a way to solve a problem without arguing and showing off ego, so why must we do it that way? What if what we’re discussing can make each other smarter and more fulfilled, by each contributing ideas that somehow bring a new ‘tower’ built together.

Last thing, I prefer to show that I’m a smart person, then telling that I’m powerful. Being cocky or something 🙂

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