Character, as the essential thing…

“The essential thing is not knowledge, but character” (Joseph Le Conte) Calm, keep calm when something bad comin’ up. Well, refers to Chris Tuckers’ said as agent Carter on Rush Hour 2 (along with Jacky “Inspector Lin” Chan), “You know what’s the different between black people and white people? When sh*t happens, black people stay…

What Now? A Writing about Career Development

It’s been a while since my last update, June 1st 2012… Yeap, time flies. And it does fly when you’re happy. Now it’s July 12th 2012. Since first of June, I was asked (by my self) a question that always self asked whenever I reached certain milestone. In career, love life, or whatever it is….

Kepintaran Berbanding Lurus dengan Kemapanan. Is it?

“Tingkat kepintaran kita seharusnya berbanding lurus dengan tingkat kemapanan (kesejahteraan) kita” Entah darimana pikiran itu muncul… Sepertinya muncul disaat sedang dalam perjalanan ke kantor. Sedikit melamun.. Tapi begitu muncul, “DUARRR!!” Muka seperti ditampar 😦

Celebrating Your Professional Life :)

This morning, I’ve read some nice words via twitter, from @miund and @subiakto… Two of the hot shots at their own world. The first one is adored as radio anchor at PagiPagi 97.5 FM Motion Radio, the second one is Pak Bi. Well, Indonesian marketers and brand activation – advertising agencies must acknowledge this man….

Enjoy my days as Trade Marketing person :)

Creating in store promotions… Creating events. Or just helping out, sort of supervising, an event. Especially a BIG one… Create in store communication, between brand, customer, and shopper-consumer. Through branding activities… Create a system in managing Field Marketers. Improving. Keep them developed, keep them well managed… Well, it’s all focused in modern trade. Well, it’s…