Shareworthy, Millennials’ New Currency

Just found a very interesting article, which I can relate that into #shoppermarketing or #trademarketing kind of understanding. It’s about millennials, or individuals who were born between 1980-2000, and this group recently surpassed Boomers as the largest and likely most-influential generation in America. Well, America it is. But I’m pretty sure that it goes all the way to Indonesia as well. A generation that ‘married’ to their smart phones, that loves to eat healthier, and 70% are willing to pay more for quality. I was born in 1980, so I’m one of those millennials 🙂




Let’s dive!

What’s the word ‘shareworthy’ actually mean, anyway? The word that I thought might just perfect as this writing’s title. Shareworthy, according to this generation, this millennials is : ‘It’s not that I like your brand; I share you because I like my friends.’ It is clear that they share your brand, your message, your delightful content to their friends not because they love your brand, it’s more because they love their friends, their peer, so they think that those shared content might useful to their friends. It might cheer the up, whatsoever.

Then what brand should do in dealing with this millennials?  Brand should got to get to know them because they represent a lot of spending today. And millennials represent almost a quarter of the population.” Like I said, brand should dive deeper into this generation, find the juicy insights, find their anxiety, and then somehow turn it into a marketing communication strategy, both online and offline. But I prefer taking the online way if I try to get to know them better. Because this generation is so into internet.

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Millennials can shape the future. How?

1. Millennials seek more from works than paychecks.

With twice the turnover and half the tenure of other generations, millennials prioritize meaningful work and flexibility over high wages. They do want success in their careers and lives, but their path is non-linear and a series of experiences that make them happy that lead to that success.

2. Millennials battle negative perceptions.

Millennials are perceived as savvy, entitled, narcissistic and dumb. Because of these perceptions, millennials are less trusting of traditional advertising and may be more likely to seek information from friends. And driven by the internet, they can generate online conversation to their peer, seeking of any consideration of their social lives. Including picking the right brand for them.

That perceptions off course came from different generation, older generation 😉 Say hello to baby boomers!

3. They are the new entrepreneurs.

Two out of three millennials believe they are too talented to punch a clock or sit in a cubicle.

Perhaps two words that define their mindset is pragmatic idealism. They want happiness, they want success, but they’re pragmatic about it. A brand owners-managers have to think about that as they try to attract millennials to your brand or bring them to your store. Especially if you open an online selling channels, that has youth or millennials as your target market. Create a compelling content for them, that also shareable among their peer or community. A shareworthy content.

4. How they define success matters.

Millennials rank happiness, passion, diversity, sharing and discovery higher than older generations, who prioritize justice, integrity, family, practicality and duty. This generation thinks that innovation is more important.

5. They value experiences over things.

By the year 2020, we expect for every $1 these consumers are paying for things, they will spend $3 on experiences. So, how do brand turn products and stores into new experiences?  Millennials, who spend seven hours a day with digital devices and 11 hours a day with media content, demand convenience and accessibility. They have on-line expectations in an off-line world.

These five juicy insights have three implications for the food and beverage industry :

1. Millennials expect customized solutions, even from sweets and snacks.

Whether that be new products or some kind of differentiated offerings, different pack sizes, different things that engage them and attract them and make them think you’re thinking about them.

2. The industry should plan for rapidly changing tastes and preferences.

The key is to excite the market, especially if you are into fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, in a sweet and snack category, or in ice cream category (I currently work at this frozen food industry). Continuous product development is the keywords, every quarter there must be new items, new tastes, new shapes, or new packaging (rejuvenate) to give them some new experiences.

When talking about digital or two ways/interactive communication, it actually goes back to that innovation part. They love innovations. It’s just like online content. Brand don’t make one piece of content that’s worth $500,000. In fact, brand make many pieces of compelling-sharable content and hope to keep attracting them over and over again.

3. Marketing to millennials means marketing to their influencers.

Millennials are influenced by others, that’s why you have to reach out socially. Don’t just throw away content through your social media post, further a brand should create engagement with them. Talk to them literally. This part belongs to content and community managers.


I had some experiences, doing a presentation in front of this millennials. And it was very interesting. You just can not hope they sit tight watching you lecturing or teaching. They are simultaneously engage to what you said by opening their laptops and smartphones, searching what they don’t know or things that they are not sure of, or just cross checking your data 😀 Love this witty generation!

And here some tips if you are presenting in front this generation :


1. Be Mobile

A majority of millennials are married to their mobile devices. It’s with them at all times of the day, being utilized not only as their primary vehicle for email and text, but also as their alarm clock, productivity manager, entertainment and news source and more. If you can find a way to get their attention on this device, you’ll win some brownie points. But be sure to utilize apps that will keep them plugged into your presentation and subject matter.

Objective: Keep your presentations interactive.

2. Be Transparent

Anyone can spot a poser or faker and you don’t want to become that guy or gal. Millennials in particular are looking for a sense of depth, transparency and vulnerability from those who are in their lives — which means they want to see it from you as well on stage.

Objective: Be yourself and find your own authentic voice.

3. Be Social

We live in a world where apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook are integrated fully into the millennial lifestyle. You need to acknowledge and embrace this reality. Request conversation and interaction online, after your talk.

Objective: Continue the conversation on social media channels after your presentation.

4. Be Purposeful

The millennial generation has often been branded as the “entitled” generation. However, most millennials are willing to work hard — very hard — as long as they believe in the organization and its purpose. Make sure you define a higher message in your speech that will resonate with your audience.

Objective: Share how your brand, product or service impacts the greater good.

5. Be International

Millennials perceive international experience as a critical attribute. If a presenter can demonstrate her understanding of a globalized economy, she can tear down some walls and build credibility.

Objective: Speak from a global lens by utilizing international case studies or stories.

This millennials are only going to continue to grow and expand into the workforce. You need to discover the best techniques that are going to appeal to them today so you can continue to grow your own career and brand tomorrow.

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