Be Happy (or Fall In Love) with Your Job First :)

Choose a great job


I saw the message on the pic, then instantly loved it!

It’s not the job that choose us, it’s us to choose the job that we loved.

It’s not other person to decide we are happy or not, it’s our decision to choose to be happy.

So, the power is within us. The power to choose. To act. To do.

Choose the job that will make you feel alive, happy. That’s where everything start!

And the word ‘everything’ consists of : our great impact to others, our huge contributions, being passionate, having sense of being fulfilled (happy tummy), career building, and off course what we get in return (happy money). Yoris Sebastian ( @ yoris ) taught me the word ‘happynomics’ and I’ve interpret happynomics through my own words.

But what if…

What if I haven’t found the job that I’m looking for? The job that suit my passion. The job that giving me feel to be so much alive. The job that will give me such a good living. The job that I loved…

Well, I remembered my recent discussion with one of my team.

He asked : “I just confused with the idea. Since I’ve known that we have to keep our tummy happy (basic needs) first, then secondary-third needs will follow after. And being passionate in job and the other stuffs is IMO third needs (self actualization)”

I replied : ” Yes, in journey to find your passion – to have a lovable job, if you haven’t find it, you will take any job first to fulfill your basic needs. While you’re working there, open your eyes and ears wide if there’s any opportunities in having another job. That offers you carrer path, able to be passionate, and good money. Or maybe, you’ll loved your current job somehow” 😉

So IMHO, the route to ‘happynomics’ is quite easy :

1) love your job –> 2) be passionate –> 3) create impacts through positive contributions –> 4) being fulfilled

Fall in love with your job first 🙂

Thanks for reading this!






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      Matur nuwun, mas’e

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