Connect – Colaborate – Convert

It’s funny how two young professional meet, talk and discussing something, about their job off course, in an open mind way. With no ego, without any personal motives. It just like building sand castle together.

This positive conversation happens between a trade marketer and a marketer this morning. Both are still young and passionate 🙂

Young, stated above doesn’t always mean at age. It refers to many things that remain unrevealed, unknown, not yet to be learned and understood.

That trade marketer is having a plan to create and ignitiate new Field Marketing team’s  this year uniform. He wanted that the uniform speaks a lot of things about the brands, that this company have and develop. Well, it’s kinda the first times. Talking about Field Marketing team uniform design involving brand image and perceptions.

That young marketer is trying to coin a lot of ideas to be wore by the Field Marketing (FM) team. Wear the ideas. That’s interesting. Beause ideas, which open mindedly transform into a thing or something with a message can speak the message itself. And that thing is the uniform

Wearing brand, as it has it’s own color. Each colour are picked to represent a brand. Those are green, purple, and off course blue and yellow. Not mentioning whether it is a bright, light, or dark color of each colour mentioned. Both of them think that green is a new thing. Nobody has the idea of putting green into FM’s uniform before. That’s new, and quite out of the box.

Well, discussion are over this morning, unfinished. But it left something to be more widely and deeply think. And also explored. Perhaps by each of them. At least these two divisions are collaborating ideas to create something positive.

It’s all begin with ideas. Then develop, discussed deeply, keep it alive. And pour it into actions and executions.

That conversation this morning, again, leads to a new execution of another ideas. An in store activation or activities. Those uniforms complete the whole vision in store. In which most of purchase decision made. Where shoppers could easily change their mind towards brand whenever they saw a good space dress up or commonly said as in store branding, which has stopping power and high convertion rate. Tends to buy the product.

Well, good and attractive FM outfit can do in store activation so much favor. Because could be, an attractive outfit can catch shopper’s attention at early stage. At first time they pass the POP (point of purchase). Eveything determined, mostly, at the first encounter. Like it, or feel strange about it can decide whether or not shoppers willing spend more time to experience the brand through it’s touch points. And that include FM outfit, POS materials, the way activation runs, and most of all endorsed product.

Was it all about modern market? Yes it’s all about modern market. Supermarket and hypermarket. Is it possible if this activation executed at minimarket and/or convenience store? Off course it’s possible. As long as the activation are supported with quite a crowd. Usually we invite some communities, or people from surroundings to come by.

Being a trade marketer at this one of FMCG industry is quite challenging, but the point of view is quite limited. Dig deeper, expand wider, be more creative in order to survive. Competitors or I should say bench mark partners are always there to do better, and maybe bigger. But when the going gets though, the tough gets going 🙂

Again, connect and colaborate. Then eventually one of the ROI is the convertion.

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