In Store Activities, a razzle dazzle :)

In store activities? What do I have in mind?

Hectic. Coordination. Good internal-external communication. Mutual understanding. People involvement. Placement. Position. Traffic. Shoppers. Customers. Person In Charge. Strategy. Preparation. Experience. Leadership. Tools. Check list. Meeting. Training. Recruiting. Sales Promotion Girls/Boy.  Third Parties. Marketing division. Sales division. Budget. Sample products. Gimmicks. Messages. POS materials. Trade Marketing task. Point of Purchase (POP). Below the line (BTL). Weekend. From afternoon to evening. Service. Smile. Headquarters / Store Permition. Loading. Unloading. Review. Market Visit. Time line. Execution. Patience. Sharp. In field analytic and decision making.



Well, that’s the thing that showed up in mind. Whenever I heard the word, in store activities. Usually, we called it in store promotions. Kind of promotion that involve store, as we usually called customer, shoppers, and supplier, or us, usually partnering with 3rd party or agency.


The expected results are :

1.   Great visibility, off course

2.   Sales growth, at endorsed items, at the store, at the time

3.   Better brand awareness, that expected from shoppers that come near our POP

4.  To shoppers/customers, added value. Experience, to keep in mind.

5.  Good convertion rate. From attention-interest-decision-action/buy.


For a person, whether he/she is a Trade Marketing person, Marketing person, or even a Key Account person, when handling-coordinating an event for a first time, things that usually forgotten are : a lot.

Because they are rarely made a check list. Which consist of who should/must be responsible of what.

For example :

Personnel –> Dian Puspita

Task –> From A-E ; responsible for  property R-U (provide checklist box and note box beside it)

Reporting to –> Sari Wijayanti (event coordinator)

The coordinator must be persistent and detail, checking which responsibilties that haven’t done by each PIC.

At the end, every team member, including team leader must carry the same burden. Same responsibilities. Every flaw, mistake, is all team’s responsibility. Not only team leader’s.

When you’re there at event organizing, in a big scale or just a small event, experience makes it goes easier. Because you’re simply knows what to do. And knows what to do in a certain way is expensive 🙂

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