Enjoy my days as Trade Marketing person :)

Creating in store promotions…

Creating events. Or just helping out, sort of supervising, an event. Especially a BIG one…

Create in store communication, between brand, customer, and shopper-consumer. Through branding activities…

Create a system in managing Field Marketers. Improving. Keep them developed, keep them well managed…

Well, it’s all focused in modern trade. Well, it’s what I’m good at. It’s what they want me to develop.

Creating good communication and relationship between brand and 3rd parties. On branding and in store promotions.

Getting through what’s so called pitching with 3rd parties in making some designs, for in store branding designs…

Yup, it’s me. At the office…

Some of jobs for me to do here… Fun? Yes! Because it’s suite me good. Just like wearing good outfit, good suite. Make me feel good, make me look good.

It’s the job, dude. Not the career.

Like what my ‘career jedi’ said, Your job is not your career. Yes, it’s Rene Suhardono who said that.

Do I really enjoy my job here? I must say, yes. Despite the razzle dazzle, complicated stuffs, trash talking, trash meeting? Yes, I do enjoy this job.

I’ve been a Trade Marketing person since 2010. It’s been 2 years now.

What I’ve obtained from it? What I’ve got from it? What I’ve learned from it?

First, it’s really nice to work in such place, being a bridge that connect marketing and sales-KAM division through creative ideas and thoughts. Creating whatsoever up there, I’ve mention in early writings.

Especially, when your surroundings just about learning of hor Trade Marketing really works. In your company. It’s some kind of new principal. A nwe knowledge. It is.

That’s why, it’s such an enjoyment. Because we haven’t burdened with the past. With history that said, this is a ‘no can’t do ideas, because we’ve been doing that…’ or ‘you can’t do that, because historically, we’ve been there before, and the result was not good” It’s sort of opening new teritory of mind and experiences. You just don’t know what the hell that going to happen. Because simply, no one ever there to show you the paths.

You just have to be able to find the road. Unlock the door, to a damn brand new experience in communicating. To customers, consumers, and shoppers. There no mistake in trying a new stuffs like Trade Marketing here. No such things is a mistake. Perhaps, the indicator is how your sales turns out in that store, how many cartons/boxes that absorbed to be sold at that store, at that very moment. When your activation took place.

Whats the enjoyment, by the way?

Passion makes the enjoyment.

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